Don’t wait until the end of year to get your finances sorted!

Monitor the health of your business on a month-to-month basis with our fixed fee service packages so you don’t get stung with any nasty “Bill Shock!”

You’re great at what you do and you know what running your business entails, but accounting is a specialized field all of its own, and you’re looking for expert help to track your progress and minimize your taxes.

Daxcel Financial offers a choice of accounting service packages that suit different levels of business complexity and financial goals. Learn more below.



Business Activity Statements

Income Tax Return

Annual Financial Statements

Telephone Support

ASIC Agent Services

Quarterly check in via email – key metrics & KPIs

You’ve taken the plunge, left corporate life and everything is rosy. Or is it? Whilst it’s great being your own boss, it’s not so great not getting a paycheck at the end of each month. So, whilst you are working very hard to put food on the table for the family, you’ve got to keep your records up-to-date and make sure your financial affairs are in order.


Collect your information and provide you with a checklist to make sure nothing is missing

Collate the information and organise it for you

Prepare your financial reports and returns ready for you to sign and lodge with the tax man

We can review everything together if there are any questions or we can simply finalise things for you


Annual financial statements and tax returns

Tax Administration (tax assessments and reminders)

Preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements (as required)

Annual Tax Review and Report on how you can reduce your taxes

A Year-end report summarising your business’ performance and any taxes payable.

Annual meeting to catch up on how you are and what you might want to do next.

Regular updates to keep you informed of relevant tax and business issues.



Everything from ESSENTIALS pack PLUS:

Quarterly check in call via Zoom

Quarterly Tax Estimates

Monthly Reporting & Insights

“My accountant isn’t proactive”- How many times have you said that? Or are you just fed up of your accountant working right up to the deadlines, and making their inefficiencies your problem? (We hate this too!)

Or perhaps you are frustrated with asking your accountant when they are going to support the likes of Xero and other cloud-based applications, to reduce the amount of admin and manual data entry you need to do at the moment.


We work with you to understand your current position

We analyse your numbers and help you develop a budget

We monitor your results every month and educate you on how to improve your cash flow with suggestions on necessary changes


More money in the bank and less stress

Knowledge of your cash flow requirements and what you can comfortably take out for yourself

Preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements (as required)

Set goals and aim for real results

A business health check report showing you where your money is going

Cash flow forecast that can be monitored each month

Quarterly reporting and meetings with us to discuss your business results and how you can improve

Quarterly tax estimates so you know what is due and when it is due so there are no nasty surprises